While property crime has fallen slightly on a national average, locks & ordinary security systems today aren't enough to prevent and catch the perpetrator at large, even though they do have a small degree of success.

Our penal system is so bombarded with backlogged incidents that it takes weeks, if not months to investigate video footage and other aspects of a crime. Many times never to recover your property due to the amount of time lapse of tracking down your case. 

Meanwhile, the victim is left with stolen and ill-replaceable property.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you or someone you trusted could watch over your property 24/7? Now days that’s not feasible… our lives are too busy. 

With businesses, most crimes are done at night after business hours, while homes are vulnerable while you're away at work or on vacation. You could invest in a remote camera system that hooks up to your smartphone and monitor it yourself… that’s one solution, but you need to work and sleep sometime, right?

No one is safe from crime unless they're Fort Knox. Even their monitored!

When ordinary security systems aren’t enough, the one proven successful way to catch a predator is... Live “Real-time” Monitoring!

ICVMS offers the state of the art “Real-time” monitoring feeds to your home or business protecting your assets.

Why wait to find out your valued property is missing hours or days later after you return and spend hours to review video footage, then follow up calling the local authorities. These are unproductive wasted hours, losing time and money.

ICVMS notifies you and the local authorities at the time of the crime, capturing it on video as well. With having “Real-time” monitoring, the perpetrator’s chances of escape decreases dramatically.

Our success rate is 95% verses 25% of the traditional ordinary security systems. Plus, word gets around among thieves to stay away.

Protect your assets… don’t be the next victim.

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What We Offer

ICVMS can install a commercial grade system if one is not already in place or add additional cameras to help track suspects if they leave the area before law enforcement arrive on the scene.

Live Preview

In the videos below, I give a short description of the details involved from the videos.

The white pickup entering the parking lot at a local repair facility that late at night isn't unusual. People frequently pick up or drop off vehicles at all hours of the night there to be repaired or to get repaired ones. What was unusual was the fact the driver cut off the headlights as he entered. That grabbed my attention but only for so long as they appeared to be waiting on a ride as if they were leaving the vehicle. After sitting there for quite sometime, I checked back on the camera feed realizing that no other vehicles had entered. It was then I knew something was up. I reviewed the video and was able to determine that the driver had exited the truck and had used the hood to hop over the fence into the adjoining storage facility, 911 was then called. The one camera scene where you can see a long white building is where he broke into some RV's and was bringing his loot back to the truck. That's why he's going from right to left. Where he's seen running from left to right is when he realizes that LE is on the scene. The other person in the vehicle is taken out at gunpoint and cuffed, which happened to be his girlfriend. He escaped that night only to be arrested the following day in town after a short foot pursuit. The truck he was driving was actually stolen from that storage facility earlier that week by him and his friends. He got greedy and it cost him.  

Earlier the previous day, the male subject in this video was arrested and his vehicle impounded. Subject entered the parking lot of a local repair facility by foot. After looking from both ends of the facility, he was able to spot his vehicle in the fenced in area. In the video, you can see him crawling under the gate and walking towards his vehicle. After gathering what he wanted, he then crawled back under the gate and exited the property. The headlights seen at the very end is LE arriving on scene after a 911 call was placed. He was subsequently arrested again. The irony of it all was he only took his property from his vehicle and had he waited another 4 hours, he probably could have asked and received permission to get those items without having to take another trip to county jail.  

Two males entered a local self storage facility, arriving on foot. As they passed the first camera, 911 was called. Subjects can be seen walking from left to right along the row of RV's and campers. Pay particular attention to the one subject as he seems to be inspecting the hitches of the pull behind non-fifth wheel campers. Entry was attempted on at least one of the motor homes. After leaving the RV section they then proceeded to the south east area of the facility where local law enforcement arrives on scene first. Shortly after, county law enforcement arrives. One was apprehended after being taken to the ground, the other
fled to a fenced in area behind the RV building where he was taken into custody. After questioning the subjects, it was related to me that they stated they were homeless and on foot and was told by a passerby that the facility would be a good place to sleep. What didn't become known until late the following day was that tools of the trade, claw hammer larger screwdrivers pry-bar etc., were found close to where one subject was taken into custody. And a white pickup was found less than 100 yards west behind another building that belonged to one subject. There was video I reviewed showing them driving past the location more than once looking for a place to park. They were then observed on foot heading to the storage facility. That explains the scrutiny one subject was giving the hitches of the travel trailers. I am convinced that their intentions were to push through the fence or gate and hook up to one and take off.   

Male subject arrives at a local repair facility, then proceeds to park lights out while waiting for traffic to clear. Note the used tires, unsecured, on top of his van. He then drives around the back of the facility by dumpster. There, the used tires for recycling are located along with scrap metal. The owners encourage anyone that wants the used tires to take as many as they want, but the scrap metal and others items are not to be taken. When subject is observed taking tires mounted on rims waiting to be balanced, call was placed to the non-emergency number. 911 operator informed me that local law enforcement was out on priority calls and would need to dispatch county deputies which were currently 7+ miles away. They made it in record time as shown in the video, where he exits the facility and proceeds east where he was stopped by LE within 4 blocks. He was arrested for theft, and during a search of his vehicle, drugs and drug paraphernalia was discovered. His vehicle was subsequently impounded.   

Stop them while their hot on the trail.

Don't let this happen to you. Your property is too expensive to repair or replace.

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Your insurance company will love you for it too!

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